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D+ signal - CBE DS520AN


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My CBE power unit appears to have lost the D+ signal so I can't get my Votronic B2B to run.

I have managed to pick up an ignition on signal which I'm using with a 30 second delay timer so I can charge when driving, but I'd really like to use D+.

Does anyone know where on the CBE unit - photo attached - I can pick up D+ other than point 17?

CBE DS 520 AN 1.jpg

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I read that you have found a blown fuse in your DS520.

For information the CBE DS300, and DS520 do not use D+ from the alternator field circuit. These units make their own simulated D+. An ignition switched supply from the base vehicle is connected to the DSxxx, and monitored internally. When the voltage exceeds about 13.3V (alternator charging), the supply is used to control the split charge and fridge relays, as well as being extended at point 17 on your CBE diagram for use on satellite dishes and B2B etc. It is my belief that it is the actual vehicle supply which is extended. This means that the supplying vehicle fuse also carries the current taken by items connected to terminal FA4 (point 17).


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