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Fiat Ducato 1992 - Easy to replace CV boot?


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Hi Folks


Took my soon-to-be-sold Hymer for MOT. It needs a CV boot replaced.


Is this a major job? If so I will take to £90 hit, otherwise I'll do it myself for £7. Some vehicles are easy, some aren't and I've never done a Ducato.





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Hi Rog

Done the C/V boots on my Fiat year or so ago, and found it easy to do with expandable boots and a football cone cut down to fit the drive shaft, turn the rubber boot inside out and oil the cone hold it on the driveshaft end and push it sliding it up the cone and as it gets to the shaft it will fold over and slip in place the right way out side. Then just adjust it in place fit the clips on put the driveshaft back the wheel on do it up and anything else you might undone, job will next about two hours depending on your skill level. Best of luck with it.



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