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I would probably post a question on aluminum' bottles before committing to buying them and seek some wider advice.


with a Euro gas mix I believe the propane burns of first and you are left with butane so cold weather problems start then *-)

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JudgeMental - 2008-03-10 5:21 PM


I thought aluminum bottles were not recommended because of corrosion issues, they are incredibly light though......


That was the reason that Calor discontinued the Caravan ones, according to Calor themselves, they needed opening and inspecting and cleaning at every refill making them uneconomic. This was due to a deposit caused by the contact with the gas causing a reaction that corroded the inside of the cylinder which could and did become dislodged and find its way into the gas system causing regulator damage and injector blockage.

Also that was the reason for their additional cost that made them uncompetative and thus the take up was insufficient to continue sales, though the weight saving was good I used to use them myself on our caravans.

When will the refilables be inspected, 15 years plus? I would need to have a very satisfactory explanation for how the new ones are ok before commiting.



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I understood that on the continent the Propane / Butane mix varied with the season so as to ensure it doesn,t freeze. But with gas take off tanks which we use for cooking / heating its possible I guess for just one of the gasses (Propane) to turn into gas at extremely low temperatures and for the Butane content not to evaporate. So each time you re-fill you put in more "mix" with the result that the refil is mixed with the remnant butane you have left in your tank. The available effective capacity becomming less at each refilling.

Having said that I have never ever had a problem.


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