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Pop-up roof T5 Camper to France


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Off to N.France, Normandy and brittany, shortly. Planning to use mostly campsites, but some Aires. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather improves.


I've been reading the threads on 'gassing/robbery' and caught the article on Radio 4 PM yesterday, should I be getting nervous of o/night robbery via the canvas roof sides ?


Any comments/suggestions ? Should we sleep with roof lowered ?



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be careful where you park, don't park in the aires on autoroutes

[and remember to leave the family silver n tiara at home :-> ]


if you search on all the other postings on gas attacks you will see that many people regard it as an urban myth, and there appears to be little support for the probability of a successful gassing,

as 'chele sez - don't get paranoid - just relax - be sensible and enjoy, you're visiting a great spot - especially if the weather picks up



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Guest JudgeMental

we camped for 7 years with a VW westfalia elevating roof camper without incident.


I would be more concerned with the weather as Brittany in September can be deserted and miserable with most places shut - but global warming may change that :-D


stay clear of motorway stops and you should be fine.


as for gassing! you have more chance of winning thr lottery *-)

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