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Gas bottles


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I use Calor propane bottles which have a stopper screwed into the outlet.  I have never before checked to see if the actual valve was switched off before removing the stopper because I always thought that the valve would be switched off.  Not so today when I replaced a bottle. When I unscrewed the stopper, whoosh, the pressurised gas escaped with some considerable force.   The screw was quite tightly unscrewed allowing the gas to escape and took some effort to screw it tight.  I took the bottle back to the supplier.   I have learned a salutary lesson today and in future I will always make sure that the gas is properly turned off before releasing the stopper.  

Incidentally I was quoted the price of £14.75 and £13,65 for a 6kg Calor propane at two outlets before purchase at Morrisons for £12.99.


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