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Charlie&me - 2007-08-20 10:44 PM I've asked around but still have no answers. How to insert a small picture under the name

Go to 'Control Panel' in the box at the top right. This gives you your profile listing. At the bottom of this page you'll find a section called 'Images'.

You then insert the image in the 'Profile Image' box. The image must already be stored on your PC and you simply navigate to the folder where you have it stored.

If memory serves I think that's it. It's fairly intuitive and easy to do.

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Frank is right about the uploading profile pic, but here is a bit more information.


Select the pic you want and then resize it to less than 50kb and then save it somewhere you can find - I put anything like that on the desktop.


Into control panel then browse for profile image (find it) then click on it and it should upload. Job done hopefully!


there you go, but the truth is nothing is ever that simple though is it?


Hey ho - off to work now.


it's raining again in Grantham


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Charlie&me - 2007-08-21 11:35 AM




Made at last !!


How did you do that?


I've tried to make mine smaller as it hogs vertical space when posting only a sentence or two, but whatever I do it comes up on the page at 100 x 174 pixels. I sent one in that I had shrunk to half that, but it came out the same size as before but fuzzy. (Must remember that if I'm ever persuaded to send my photo in to Michele's "Let's see the rabbit" thread.)


P.S. Think I can answer that. It seems to resize every picture to 100 pixels wide, so if it starts off narrower it gets stretched to fit the available width, but the aspect ratio is maintained so it's fuzzy but not distorted.


P.P.S. Just thought of a possible sneaky way to cheat. Will report back if it works.

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