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Ardnamurchan campsites

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Hi All, we will be going to Scotland in a couple of weeks and going across to Ardnamurchan for a few days. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for campsites in the area. Thanks in anticipation.


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Very thin on the ground I'm afraid; I only know of the CS at Lochshiel, which is nice enough. The pictures show it as a waterside location but be aware that the water only arrives near the very top of the tide.

What was a very popular touring site at Resipole in a lovely location has closed to tourers as they now only have lodges and statics, sorry park homes.

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There are two campsites in the Ardnamurchan area. 



Links to them below




(I stayed on the campsite at Resipole in the late 1970s for a couple of nights. We (my future-wife and I) were touring Scotland with a small car and tent and I remember how basic the campsite was back then, while my wife vividly recalls being eaten half to death by midges at night.)

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There is a small but I think adequate (that means clean toilets and electricity if needed) campsite at Strontian - Sunart Campsite, Strontian, Acharacle PH36 4HZ. Not the easiest to find as it seems to be at the 'back' of the village through a small housing estate. I'd suggest a quick look at Google Maps and street view before getting there. It has the advantage of not requiring the slow, narrow drive out to the lighthouse except on the day you want to go there.

Hope of help


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