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Used Prices - Downward Trend?

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Been looking for a van for about a year now, we are most keen on an Autosleeper Nuevo on an X250 chassis probably 2008-11 year on our budget 

We've not yet seen one close enough with the extras were looking for...


Having been following the market for a while now it seems prices are dropping off noticeably.

I've recently seen some private sales (too far away from us unfortunately) at around £24k whereas this time last year I'm pretty sure they'd be closer to £34k.

Dealer prices also dropping a bit but not by so much, although  some vans (look to be the ones with no extras like dash Aircon or cruise or reversing camera) on sale for ages stuck there on the forecourt. Some starting to look overpriced especially considering some of the private sales prices asked.

Wondering if I should hold on a while longer rather than find in 6 months time the van I've bought i could have bought  for £5 or £10k less ?

What are peoples own thoughts,/observations ?

Now is probably becoming the pricier time of year to buy, although I'm noticing some cheaper deals than I'd expect given prices I saw this time last year.

Went to Southern show in Newbury yesterday noticed lots of discounts on Brand New and newer used vans. Some certainly sold yesterday by the end of first day.

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Prices probably are a little softer now.

But, in answer to your question "if you should hold on a while longer rather than find in 6 months time the van you've bought you could have bought for £5 or £10k less", the answer is that, obviously, you could save money by waiting.

But the van will be 6 months older!

If you take this line of thought to its logical conclusion, you will never buy a van as they will always be cheaper in future. You just need to strike the best bargain you can, when you can.

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Dealer is sending me emails about new Ducato's in stock at a discount!

That used to be normal but its a far cry from a couple of years ago when you could only order one and join a waiting list - if the dealer had any spare on his allocation.

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Was travelling to our static caravan in mid-wales and drove past Dinmore Leisure at Leominster.

They have so many vans there are 4 parked outside on the front Car- park.

We go past many times a year and have never seen this before.

Stopped and had a look round noticed lots of mainly new or nearly new stock. A lot with £2 or £3k reductions. But still all out our price range.

Also a salesman came out the office to say hello , which has never happened before when we've stopped to look round.

Earlier in week I filled in an on-line enquiry form for a different dealer and gor the first time they called me up. In the past getting hold of sales staff for information was difficult.

So maybe they are getting a little hungrier.

I am tempted to wait and see how the market pans out the next few months 

Several Nuevos I've seen for sale online have been up for months.

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Luckily for me the resale price is of no interest as we bought our present MH to see us out which it should do unless anything untoward happens. I hope to have 5 more years left in me by which time I will be 76 but she will have done everything we hoped for and her value at that end time is what it is. It will then be time to go on coach tours if we are still able though I cant say I relish the thought of going on them though some say how wonderful they are of course but perhaps I will try and extend our time on the road a bit longer to avoid them. 

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