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Autotrail cheyenne 635 2.8jtd


Autotrail cheyenne 635 2.8jtd  

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I had a 2001 Cheyenne 635 from new. Couldn't really recommend it. the quality was terrible. Poor GRP, fabric that wore out in 2 years 26k miles absolutely rubbish wiring and general rattles and squeaks. Others on this forum will no doubt have other views but my 'vans are well looked after and used about twice the U.K. average which still isn't much. Have a look at mileage on 'vans for sale. The pity is the Cheyenne was the perfect layout for me and probably still is but I replaced it with a Rapido 924F and it's been a totally different animal. I'm not pushing Rapido just illustrating that there are huge differences in quality between makes and British makes don't come out well. The main problem with British 'vans as I see it is they are made for their market and that is to do no more than 5k miles per year, most British vans seem to be used as little more than expensive garden ornaments.

Bill Ord

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