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2014 Fiat Ducato - water under dashboard

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2014 Swift Bolero on a Fiat Ducato base. A couple of weeks ago after a deluge of rain I noticed a little bit of water coming from under the dashboard drivers side. It's been in the garage for the scuttle tray taken off no sign of water through the bulk head. After every heavy rainfall the water comes through under the dashboard.

Has anyone had this problem and how did you sort it

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  • Derek Uzzell changed the title to 2014 Fiat Ducato - water under dashboard

The windscreen on my X2/50 leaked

(water dripped on to the horn button when it was parked and set the horn going till it burnt out - they are not designed for continuous operation)

Strictly speaking the windscreen should have been taken out and rebonded

But I filled in the gap around it with bathroom silicone, because it was all I had to hand.

And it cured the leak for the remaining 10 years I had it

The white sealant matched the white van till it started to discolour

But I got it white again by brushing on strong thick bleach with a paintbrush

There was no sign of damage caused to the paint etc by the bleach.

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I read somewhere that some Ducato X250s had problems with infiltrations in the bonnet area, which could also extend to the dashboard.

I'm not sure but somehow Fiat has solved the problem, I don't know if a recall campaign was done.

Search the internet for something like "Ducato leak hood bonnet" and you can find some information and maybe a workaround.


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