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How replace salon bulb in hymer exsis-i

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Regarding removal of the small round light-units.

Assuming that the light-unit is held in place by 'side friction clips' (as is common practice) and levering out the unit is difficult (as it looks to be with the Hymer) a ploy that might be tried involves sticking a strip of ultra-strong duct-tape (I'd use "Gorilla" tape) across the light-unit's (clean) glass leaving the ends of the tape sticking out as 'handles' then pulling sharply on the handles.

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I think your Hymer is a 2001 model and, back then, it was usual for motorhome habitation-area light-units to have replaceable bulbs (normally halogen type).

I would have thought that, by 2016, Hymer would have been fitting habitation-area light-units with replaceable LED bulbs, or where the LEDs are integrated into the unit and, if the unit fails, the complete unit will need replacement.

( I note that kulibin is based in the Ukraine, which may further complicate matters.)

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6 hours ago, kulibin said:

My gratitude to everyone. Removable with a knife. Two holders on the body. I'll try to buy it in Germany. I


Note the link from the post I referenced above:


Out of stock, but it recommends buying the similar item with the different coloured bezel and changing it yourself (use the removed one)


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