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almost got are new van

its me

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we orded are new van in june for the 1st sept as its are wedding annervery and new reg

BUT when we went to veiw it it had ten things wrong with which the dealer is fixing.

THEN we got the figures and they where wrong (trying to over charge)oh no not me taken three days for them to sort it out

AND NOW they just phoned the cat 1 alarm isnt working they wont to take the van to someone elese to fix it

so we dont no if we willl get the van in time :-( its not fare its getting ready to tell them to stuff it!!!!! >:-(

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Stick with it - but be politely firm and don't be pushed around too much. It's an unfortunate fact of life I'm afraid that new motorhomes (and not only M/Hs) always seem to come with a long list of minor faults, and often a couple of fairly major ones for good measure.


It should not happen but it does and there ain't much we can do about it. So it's best to stay as cheerful and optimistic as you can, in the knowledge that when (eventually!) everything is sorted out you will have a lovely new van plus a big sloppy grin from ear to ear when you start to enjoy it.


If it's any consolation, we ordered our new van in July 2006, the factory said it might (good word that!) be ready for Christmas, and it finally arrived in May - complete with its long list of minor faults and two major ones!!!!. Admittedly it is a new model, based on the Sevel X250 which itself suffered a few production delays, and as to the Christmas delivery we were warned by the dealer that he had just spotted several pigs flying overhead, but still 10 months is now a significant proportion of the rest of my life. (The boss is a bit younger, but not by much.)


It's now the day before your anniversary, (congratulations, and have a very happy one - with or without the new truck) our van is finally just about sorted, and we are delighted with it and enjoying it thoroughly.


As I said before it shouldn't happen, but I think the only way is to stay cheerful and hope for the best, but build in the expectation that you will probably not be able to relax and enjoy it thoroughly until anything up to a year after that first exciting moment when you signed on the dotted line.


Hope this helps you to enjoy tomorrow. I forgot ours this year (1st August) but the bruises are fading now and I can walk without the stick.



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its me - 2007-08-31 4:19 PM


thanks for that made me smile a little

alass we will not get the van until wednesday not geting anything tommorrow :'( oh iam i got a new frying pan to use in the van who can i use it on? husband or dealer >:-)




The dealer knows he's in the clag so no worries there. If your husband is anything like me he's ALWAYS in the clag, so no comebacks there either.


You will feel no end better, but be careful not to put a dent in your new pan!!


Regards, and many happies again.





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It was our anniversary last week, i bought the missus a new bag and a belt....... yes, the vacuum cleaner is running great now ! (the old ones are always the best.... no they aren't !!!)

Shame about the Van not being there on the BIG day. I think a LARGE gift from the dealer would be in order. :D

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