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Guest Jen's Grumpy Git

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Guest Jen's Grumpy Git

Hi all,

First post so here goes, we are considering a used Laika motorhome, we have had 3 motorhomes previously so are not "greenhorns" but anyone out there familiar with this particular animal ?

Your comments would be appreciated.


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Guest JudgeMental

Welcome to the forum!


A bit more info on van you are considering would be helpful if you want some opinions.....


cheers Eddie

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My experiences with our Laika have been good. Only when you use it for a while, can you appreciate some of the finer detail built into the vehicle.

Have seen others, been visited by friends, and consensus has been favourable comments. We have a 4 berth, but only used by two, in fixed bed that takes both of us 6 foot plus users. Bathroom layout very good, plenty of space and storeage shelves/cupboards. Lockers are never filled. So many and spacious too. Wardrobe well planned with built in lighting and clothes rail. Underbed space easy to access, inside or out. Gas installation well fitted, with kitchen nicley laid out and good finish to worktops and sinks. No oven in ours, just 3 gas burners, which suffices.

Few UK plugs for hook ups, if microwave needed. Dometic fridge and Truma gas heaters work well, accessible also. Roof lights/vents enough to keep mossies out and light in. Water tanks capacious, and drain easily.

Nice touches everywhere you look, with decent finish and fit.

More expensive than many rivals in size range, but worthwhile if travelling far. We covered 10 thou miles in first year of ownership, and now into 20 thou miles. Look at similars to appreciate variations.

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Problems with new 'van Chapter one

Laika Ecovip 400i


We took delivery of the 'van in December 2000. We winter away each year and spend six or seven months touring Europe. We have owned six new 'vans in the last fifteen years and had more serious problems with this one than all the others put together.


We went to Van Bitz for the alarm fitting. At this time the bonnet release

mechanism failed completely. The release cable just pulled out and Van Bitz replaced it.


We then left for our winter trip and the following faults were discovered

during this time. The bonnet release mechanism failed on two more occasions and is now disconnected on one side. It was pointed out to us when we collected the 'van that the doors needed a good push to close them but would ease with use. The passenger door improved but has cracks in the paintwork and is disfigured in one corner. The driver's door cannot be closed from the inside because the door inner lining has pulled away from the door. When this happened the window control switch came out and fell apart. The under floor locker on the right hand side is going rusty on the outside and lets water in through a hole in the floor where the battery securing clamp bolt goes through.


The toilet tank was discovered to be leaking after we had been in Portugal

for two weeks. We immediately drained and flushed the tank out and spent the next three months with no toilet. We also have a split in the toilet compartment floor.


There is an intermittent fault with the fridge when on gas. The 75 amp battery is unable to support the 'van 12 volt system when not on mains (could this be the reason the fridge cuts out occasionally).


The yellow stripe on the left hand side is peeling away in places.


This 'van is a sorry state of affairs and does not reflect well on Laika. We

hope that these problems can be resolved.


Our disappointment is beyond description. We are travel consultants for MMM and fellow colleagues have always described Laika's as quality ' 'vans.


After speaking with fellow members of the Laika club of Great Britain we

realise we might have a 'Friday afternoon' job. It happens with the best

of 'vans.


Problems with new 'van - chapter two

Laika Ecovip 400i


We took the 'van back to Barrons as many defects (October MMM page 176) had surfaced since we took delivery. As we needed a new toilet/shower room floor we knew we could say good-bye to the 'van for the summer. The carpet had eventually arrived. Unfortunately it was for the previous year's model and did not fit. Another carpet was ordered.


Later we returned the 'van to have the toilet tank sorted, window resealed, damp test, fridge serviced and collect the carpet.


Next day we heard from Barrons. They were unable to service the fridge

because there was no inspection hatch. There was no way they could get to the back of the fridge which is a 135-litre Electrolux three-way fridge with separate freezer. On the previous year's model there is an inspection hatch at the back of the 'van. When you pay over £40 000 for a 'van you don’t expect to have the back of your vehicle taken apart to service the fridge.


As you will have already guessed there was no carpet!


We feel sorry for Barrons because they have done their best to rectify

Laika’s appalling workmanship. Laika on the other hand have been less than helpful and do not consider they should compensate us. Barrons have agreed to extend the warranty for another year.


To those who have suggested we should have returned the vehicle we would say that we did seek legal advice. It would have been a very long drawn out process and the legal people would be the only ones to make money!!!


The Saga of the windscreen chapter one

After waiting ten weeks for a new windscreen to arrive from Italy (Laika wont dispatch a single item. They either wait until they have a container full or a vehicle is being delivered to the dealer) we finally got a date for fitting. We were told that fitting the screen to an A Class is an all day job.


As we live a 100 miles from the dealer we arranged to deliver the van the afternoon before fitting (Thursday) for the job to be completed on Friday. We arranged to collect the van on Saturday. I asked if there were any problems and the job was not completed would they ring Friday pm and let me know.


No phone call Friday. Up at the crack of dawn Saturday mad dash up the A1 to Darlington arrive 10am. We had got through the road works at Leeming Bar with no problems at all.


Yes you have it in one. The job had not been done. I went absolutely

Ballistic. I nearly did myself an injury. Then the excuses started. I was

just about to ring you, I did not realize you were collecting the van today.

After we had calmed down they explained that when the windscreen fitters arrived on Friday they took one look at the A Class and stated "That's a job for our Truck and Bus division". The Bus and Truck division were contacted and someone would ring back later.


The Dealer is still waiting for the call Communication is a wonderful thing when it actually takes place!!!!!!!!


We stormed off down the A1 sat in the road works at Leeming Bar for ten

minutes and arrived back home in time for lunch.



Saga of the windscreen chapter two Nov 2002


We finally got the van back with a new windscreen. It took two fitters about seven hours to complete the task. The poor beggars had never seen an A Class motorhome let alone fitted a windscreen on one. They had to dismantle quite a lot at the front of the vehicle just to get at the screen. It was unbelievable what had to come off to do the job.

It seems that the screen is bonded in and needs to stand over night to "Cure"


I paid my £50 and thought that was the end of the tale.


I E-mailed Comfort Insurance to find out what the total cost was.

I knew the cost of the windscreen was £880 and I was amazed when Peter Cue from Comfort telephoned and said the total bill was £2100. When he found out the cost of the screen he was a very unhappy

man. £1220 to fit a windscreen it's almost unbelievable.


Peter Cue contacted the installer (All Glass Nation Windscreens) and

a compromise was reached. They knocked £400 of the bill.

£820 still seems a lot for a days work (If we have any windscreen fitters

on the list I'm sure they will put us right).


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