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Fiat/Peugeot owners who tow might like to check this

Dave Newell

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Hi all, this is something that has come to light in the last couple of weeks which those of you who tow with Fiat/Peugeot based motorhomes might like to check. I have had three instances in the last two weeks of cruise controls not working, on further investigation the brake light fuse had blown. Why? The common denominator is all three 'vans had towbars fitted. When I checked the fuse I found it is specced as 7.5 Amps which is fine for just the standard two brake lights and one high level.


When you add a trailer board however the load is almost doubled Standard brake lights are 21 Watts apiece, the high level LED units will probably be less than 10 Watts so thats 52 Watts totalling 4.3 Amps. When you add another pair of brake lights though the load goes up by another 42 Watts totalling 94 Watts or 7.8 Amps and the fuse blows.


If you do tow and your brake fuse has blown replace it with a 10 Amp.


Before anyone asks why cruise won't operate if the brake light fuse has blown its simple, if the brake light circuit isn't functioning the cruise wouldn't detect the pedal being pressed and so would not disengage. As the system is failsafe it won't operate unless the brake light circuit is in good order.



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I had a similar fault on my compass ( Now a Hymer ) All was well until I checked the hazard warning lights. Fuse blew and the engine will not re-start as it can't detect the brake lights. Call AA out on bank holiday to replace fuse. I now carry spare fuses.




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