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CRIS Registration

Guest Syd

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Anyone on here useing CRIS registration for their vehicle.


I have my caravan registered with them and all pf my windows and some lights etched with the caravans VIN number useing the kit supplied by CRIS.


My caravan is of German origin and so regardless of the VIN number that I supplied to CRIS they have altered it to suit their own numbering system.

This means that I have a caravan with a VIN plate showing one number and windows showing another.


What would happen if we were stopped and had a check carried out by old plod and this came up, how would I explain it to the satisfaction of plod.


Im waiting for a official explanation from CRIS

If you have an imported vehicle and use CRIS I suggest that you check your numbers

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The number on Vin is unique to your vehicle .

The number on your window can be anything you could even write this is stolen if that took your fancy .The unique theft database number obvious choice to put on your window glass because that is another thing that they have to remove from your vehicle .


And the police can run a check on it you have no worries.

Its just a way of manufacters getting money and you wouldn't have to explain the vehicle away you would have to explain the window instead but thats theft of a window not a vehicle ...

Oh god I hope this makes sense.

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