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What's the difference?


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Between living full time in tour van and travelling around, and a gypsy/itinerate traveller?


We have thought of doing that for 12-18 months or so and a guy I knew suggested I take up tarmaccing drives or loping conifers as a way of paying for the trip!!


It got me thinking that when we were in France and Spain earlier this year we got talking to someone who warned me about using a particular site because there were "intinerate travellers" on it. As it happened we did use it and it was a really friendly site and the travellers who were there were just "normal" people, with one head, no horns and didn't want to gas me, steal my wife or threaten my existance in any way.


So just what is the difference?

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If you can't already tell, I doubt that anyone on here will be able to add to your knowledge.

Ask yourself this: If half a dozen of one or the other types of motorhome users you mentioned pulled onto spare ground near your house, could you tell the difference?

My hunch is that you could, it really doesn't need to be picked apart and debated.

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Guest caraprof

On our way to Norfolk a few days ago we passed a travellers' site. It was a couple of hundred yards away from the fast road that we were on and I can't even remember where it was, although somewhere between Newark and King's Lynn will probably fit the bill.

I remarked on it to my wife as it was an absolute disgrace! There were a number of caravans around a largish field and the amount of rubbish and scrap metal littering the place made it look like the aftermath of a hurricane.

I suspect that there are two types of travellers. Genuine Romany gypsies and Irish tinkers with the latter being responsible for more crime than the former.

Ask anyone living near a travellers' encampment and they will tell you about how the crime rate soared after it opened.

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