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Hymer Nova

david lloyd

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Hi everyone


I wondered if anyone had any experience of the Hymer nova range and could advise as to layout range, build quality etc? I have sent for brochures but would appreciate the first hand experiences and comments of existing owners.


Also, I wondered if all the range had fixed fresh water tanks and also if anyone has had refillable gas cylinders fitted to their caravans? If so, have you experienced any difficulties in refilling at petrol stations?


Many thanks.

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I have had the 545 since it was new in 2002. More recent ones have a rolled edge profile but mine is the older boxy shaped one.

They are exceptionally well made; particularly in respect to the patented technology used in the body construction. The quality of materials used is good with a minimum of plastic exposed to UV, and every thing being towards “robust”; quality of execution also being to a reasonably high standard

They also have, in UK spec a very high pay load, in my case 350kg which given its 1350 mass in running order makes for a 1700kg max weight.

The German system quotes the mass in running order, with a spare wheel, hook up cable, half full gas bottle and battery. So whilst they are "heavy" relative to some UK vans you need to take those aspects into consideration to make meaningful comparisons.

At the time we purchased they all had inboard freshwater tanks.

There are various layouts, a limited number being built to UK specification. A note here is that some of the continental spec ones are wider that the UK’s 2.3m width rule for normal car licence holders. Also the Continental specs tend to be basic plus options, whereas the UK imports are speced up and that’s the only option; just remember the basic is very basic by UK standards. [Not even “for” a 12v battery]


Foreign brochures are downloadable [ English is always later ]



I have very seriously considered the Gaslow refillable bottles [ an 11kg plus a Calor 6 ] however a study of the filling stations in my locality has kept me from doing it. They place the Gas pump in just a too akward a place to get my rather large unit in and out off.

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Hi ocsid


Thanks for the very useful information.


Since posting we have looked at a short list of caravans suitable for our needs and, although the hymer nova was our initial favourite, have had to rule it out as it is too high for our carport.


We also looked at the (new-ish) Knaus Starclass which uses most of the components we are used to in our Sun Ti motorhome but it is veeeeery expensive!


Looks like we will have to choose a UK manufacturer (if we do go ahead) after all.


Thanks again, David

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