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How do you remove a locked water filling cap


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Thanks Tomo


I have just tried that and no luck, any other suggestions ??




Tomo3090 - 2007-09-22 10:46 AM


You could try squirting a bit of WD40 onto the key then try unlocking it.


I wouldn't squirt the WD40 directly into the lock in case you contaminate the filler pipe though!


Or you could try a locksmith if all else fails.

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Guest caraprof
Tomo3090 - 2007-09-23 3:06 AM Why not try your dealer? Their fitters might have a solution.

Mmmm! I imagine that he may be trying to avoid a long drive and half a day out of his life!

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Drill out the entire centre of the cap, in other words, the entire locking part (the metal circular part that you can see in the centre).

Don't drill any further towards the outer edge of the cap than this central metal circle, otherwise you may damage the backplate to which the cap attaches.


You'll need to drill several holes 1st with a thin bit, and then open them up by using progressively thicker bits.

Eventually you will drill out all of the little metal tabs which act as holders and which form the "keeper" of the lock mechanism.

If you can get hold of a "file-bit" (a thick drill bit that has serrations along its length, this is very good for enlarging the holes even further so that in the end they all join up)

Once the "keeper" pins have been drilled away, the two outer "fingers" that engage with the edges of the backplate will be free to retract, and the cap will come off.


It's damn laborious.

It'll get swarf down the pipe so you'll have to swill everything out afterwards.

And of course you totally destroy the cap!!


But it does work if you're totally unable to remove it in any other way.





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Clive - 2007-09-25 12:35 PM


I nearly said "Hammer and old screwdriver" but I decided not too as someone just might take me seriously!



I had to do that with my petrol filler cap - the AA wanted to charge me £350 to call out a locksmith and I was stuck in the back of beyond with no fuel.


Best of it was, they would have transported me home from Cornwall free of charge! *-)

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Hi, Geordie


Can you explain a little more as it seems like a reasonable option, where did your drill the hole ?? and how deep ?? was it through the recessed hand grip slots ?





geordie01 - 2007-09-25 4:47 PM


i drilled a small hole thru the outer and innercap and screwed in a long self tapping screw to lock both parts together and removed it as normal but this does the cap no good so you may need another cap but the lock barrel should be okay

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