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We were plesantly suprised . The last time we went there must be three years or more . The older forum memebers will remember me saying that we were not impressed the last time we went this was a combination of things .

Failure to actually stubb the fag out and show us around actually failure to even open the M/homes for people. Today we were suprised they have had a big revamp with purpose built service bays just been built we were offered tea&coffee and nothing was to much trouble admittedly they did lock up each unit after showing us but at that cost you wouldn't want them broke. The guy was nice & friendly and we weren't given salesmans pitch which I liked also when he became busy another guy jumped in his slot if we needed help !

All in all a good day and yes we would go back especially as they are the main Frankia dealers also whilst there we noticed that they are getting more & more M/Homes in stock and I have to say they had more m/Homes than Caravans . If they keep up the good work even if you do not buy on the day this leaves a lasting impression with the customer I should imagine it will be a very popular place. ;-) The shop was very well stocked .


For anyone interested they are having a Frankia weekend in Oct 4/5 th and they are in Essex A127..



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