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Spanish trip


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Here are a few we have used regularly and which I know normally stay open.


Calais Ferry Car Park, in front of the booking offices.


'La Futuriste', St Georges-les-Baillargeaux, Poitiers. (near Futurescope).


'Larrouleta', Urrugne, Saint-Jean-De-Luz. (Near French/Spanish border).


'Costajan', Aranda de Duero. (Approx 52m south of Burgos).


'Soto del Castillo', Aranjuez. (Approx 30m south of Madrid).


'Despenaperros', Santa Elena. (Approx 160m south of Madrid). A very handy one this, on a 'site scarce' stretch. Just pull of the A4 and its there.


If you need any further info on these just PM me.


Have fun.





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I am going to conil leaving 28 dec,



I suggest after leaving France ( La rouletta at Saint jean de Luz ) you head for Salamanca ( Hotel Regio ) Then south for Conil. A lot of new free motorways have been opened and it is now a good fast run . This bypasses Madrid which can be confusing if you haven,t been before.



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:-| :-| :-| Hi there Stayed at h-Regio last year just before Xmas Very Very Cold, by day ok sun go in to salamanca nice can go on bus,there is a bus stop on the site .We went on 19Dec from Dover very cold all the way to portugal you may need snow chains in Jan.This year we are going in mid- Nov but this time Bordeaux,Pau then in to Spain and down to the Costa think its the 330 road .Regards john
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