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VW Van Anniversary celebrations - anyone going?

Guest Sally Pepper

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I thought only misguided Brits did the luvy bit with Hitler's revenge? --- Seems I was wrong :-(


I can't see that there is anything to celebrate about those rear-engined horrors; except for those who earnt well from fixing them.....often.... & expensively.


As for the final VW 'engineering' joke of wrapping some tinware around that weak air-cooled head-cracking piston-burning engine to make it water-cooled, ....................... no, I wont go on about what that lead to.


I now await the Inquisition Dept. of the VW Anorak Assoc. to send out the death squad.

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Guest JudgeMental


If I had my VW Westphalia which I had for seven years I would go. it was an immaculate Californian import - but as family grew she had to go but too a good home...... :-(


I Don't normally go for blonde's (sorry Michele :-D) but would def make an exception for Barbara Schoneberger she looks like the kinda disciplinarian I'm used to..... :-D

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