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Security Message "I'm alarmed" in Greek


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When I got my Van Bitz alarm recently I suggested to Eddie that maybe his "sophisticated alarm device" sticker ought to include Greek & Polish messages, - as it covers most other European languages.


He wasn't that enthusiastic about the idea so while we were in Greece last week I asked my neighbours for their input.


I composed this message with the Greek Charactars but when uploaded they all turned to Custard so I've attached a screeen grab with the message my neighbours proposed.


We'll be off to Greece again next year but before I copy this in my screen, - for all I know it might say something quite horrid, - do we have any Greek scholars who could verify or correct the following message:


If you want the editable text/Greek charactars please message me and I'll send it


If you can offer any corrections/improvement please do.




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Have you an idea what you are advertising when you put this sticker in your window?


The actual translation is: "Please burgle me, I have lots of lovely things inside this place which you can trade for guns, or a UK passport, or very hard drugs"













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hi there, i have had a go at translating the best i can from various sites etc, but without a greek keyboard its a nightmare. but as far as i can work out, the start is something like,


warning, this vehicle has complete protection from ......???


an / one ....???


i know that this is a little vague, but at least you can complare with what you have been told it is supposed to say .. i hope this helps a little,


what is it supposed to say by the way, perhaps i can have another search from english to greek and see what it comes up with..


can you tell im bored today?


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