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ford transit windscreen wiper problem


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I have a 2006 (last model) hobby on a transit.


Windscreen wipers have stopped working (they were working 4 weeks ago when we drove back through snow in Austria).


The book says that fuse 13 in engine dept (30 amp) cover screen washer and wiperes) Screen washer works but stops if i take out fuse 13! so i assume i have located the correct fuse.


I have checked all the other fuses i can see both in engine compt and passenger comp under tray.




Before i treck round to the local Ford garage does anybody know of another fuse somewhere??


The reason i ask is that this happened when i first had vehicle on the day when i was on way to ford garage for a warranty repair and the garage man said he just changed the fuse - i suspect there is a fuse i can't find!


Any ideas welcome


Many thanks



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Guest caraprof
Clive - 2007-10-07 4:23 PM I agree.

I was tempted as well to make a smart-alec response to the originally blank screen Clive.

But then I remembered the thirty-minute editing rule!

That'll teach you! :-D

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An update


Tranny booked into Ford garage tomorrow morning.


Just went out to check it all out and lo and behold - the wipers work.


don't you just luv intermittent problems - i will take it for a good drive this evening and, if they still work' give tomorrow a bye. We have already had one intermittent problem sorted and that took 5 trips to the garage - not surprisingly thay only found it when it was no longer intermittent but permanent!





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