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Whelchair access lifts

Guest CAB

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Does anyone have a Fiat Ducato (or Citroen/Peugeot equivalents) van conversion fitt with an wheelchair lift which stores away in an underflor cassette (side door entry - not rear doors)?

If so I would be gateful to know:

-who manufactured the lift

-the model

-which converter fitted the lift

-did it necessitate moving/removing or interfere with services such as the fresh and waste water tanks?



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hi mate, i know my local caravan dealer does wide door conversions . although i dont know where you are located so it may not be convenient. anyway, you can always phone and ask some professional advice and maybe they can point you in the right direction! they are called rotherham caravans, call 01709 370877.

i hope this helps a little, if not, i know i may be stating the obvious, but a google search may yeald more local services!!


let us know how you get on.



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Guest Peter Sharpe

Hello CAB,


The first people who come to mind are Drivelodge Motorhomes, who have many years of experience at this. I don't think they do as much conversion work as they used to, but they will certainly be able to advise you.

Phone David and Joanne Waring on 01535 637777


It would also be worth talking to Neil Pallet at Event Homes, where they fit AMF Bruns lifts. You can see the lift in action on their website: www.eventhomesuk.com

Ask for Neil or Jose on 01724 847744

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