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Swift Group 580,E400,Ace Low-line feedback please


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Guest Tracker

I've never had a swift group product so I can't really comment but the feeling that I get is that the clubs and magazines all rate Swift vans highly but many of the experienced users on here do not either through past experience or prejudice?


But I could be wrong?


As they always say - past experience is not necessarily a guide to future performance?


As they also say - leopards don't change their spots?


I really don't know but maybe the above will evoke some comments from those who do know?

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We have a 2006 2.0litre (84bhp) Bessacarr E410 (shorter than the E460) 3000kg chassis, but all the equipment is the same. The models you quote are on the 3500kg chassis so should have more load capacity.

Problems to date @ 12 months

Fridge not working on 240v Electric (suspect connection dislodged when we had a Fiamma Door Security Grap Handle fitted)repaired under dealer warranty

Fiamma Door Security Grap Handle lock not working - appears to be a common fault until they wear-in. Repaired under dealer warranty


Flat leisure battery (my fault):$

Stress crack in the plastic corner cover behind Passenger door on M/H sill. (awaiting replacement under warranty.)

If you are looking at the new models they have the 100bhp engine, which will be adequate if you are not intending to do alot of travelling in mountainous regions.


I have gone from starting at 24mpg to 27mpg wWith 3000miles on the clock.

These figures include a high proportion of 70mph motorway travel & most of the rest in the Yorkshire dales.

So I am hoping I will still see more improvement as the engine loosens up.


the Swift Group have had some adverse comments by some forum members, but I have found the very helpful with detailed information before we made our choice and with a couple of technical matters since we bought the M/H.






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Hi jjv, if its any help we have had two Swift vans and have found them to be almost trouble free-just one or two minor problems which were put right by the dealer. We had the previous model Sundance and we were pleased with it. I know that some owners have been less fortunate with Swift vans, unfortunately to some extent it seems to be a matter of luck whether you get a trouble-free one or not. There could be some value in the idea of looking for an almost new pre-owned van that has had teething problems sorted out!! Good luck anyway.
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Thanks George, I think there may be luck involved with any m/h you buy, but its better if you hear comments from owners rather than rely on salesmen. (the words "rely" and "salesmen" rarely seen together!!)


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hi, we have the bessacarr (swift) e425, which is the same as the 460 but has the L shaped living area instead of the U shaped. we where originally going to go for the autocruise equivelant, which is the same chassis and layout. but in my opinion, for the same sort of money, the bessacarr beats it hands down. everything about it seems to scream better quality. the bathroom is a hell of a lot better and everything in the living area seems more modern and comfy!! also, the control panel is dead easy to use and understand and there are more extras fitted as standard. try comparing the two side by side at your nearest good dealer, im sure you will see what i mean.


p.s all you autocruise owners, no offence meant, its only my personal opinion. *-)

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Guest Le Thou

HI jjv

Just taken delivery of our 4th motorhome so I thought that I would give you my opinion.

Our first van was a swift on a fiat chassis and initially (7 years ago) we were delighted with the van, as you would be but as time progressed we became slightly disillusioned with the build quality of the cabinets and fittings.

Basically most manufacturers use the same appliances or what I call the "hardware". Thetford, Truma etc etc.

Do a comparison on the quality of the woodwork and how well things work and how easy eg Is it difficult to set up the beds, are the seats firm or soft, these are items that are specific to that manufacturer. Look at the more expensive vans, Burstner, Knaus, Hymer and look at the difference quality wise, as for build quality I would suggest that you look at the Bessacar, although I was told that Swift and Bessacar are the same animal, but not sure on that one.

I know which I would choose but at the risk of upsetting people I will keep that to myself.

Good Luck

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we have just bought our i,st m,home, ace milano, swift, bessacar by another name, different trim,i read the reports of problems with swift m/homes, so as it was in stock went over it with a fine tooth comb, also made sure everything worked on the p.d.i. faults: a water hose to the washroom basin came off on i,st trip,probably vibration, reconnected it, no problems since.the taps worked like mc,guns after 2 days, the filter bowl wasn,t tightened, again fixed myself, no further problems. would i buy again, yes, but only if the m/home was in stock but this would apply to all manufacturers,you can inspect it thoroughly also we got loads of extras plus £5000 off the list price.
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