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towbar/cycle rack


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Hello forum


I've been carrying a motorbike on the Lunar Roadstar 630 (maxi-chassis) for a while but am now looking for a bit of comfort. Any idea if there is a towbar+cycle rack set-up available. I have this dream of towing a car(trailer) whilst also carrying my bikes (I like to cover all eventualities). Not keen on bolting lots of Fiamma aluminium to the back of the van or sharing my bed with a ten-geared mountain bike. Have scanned the threads but no joy there.



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Just remember that you should not exceed the download on the towbar, usually in the range 50 to 75 kg but sometimes as high as 100kg.


This means that the weight of the bike racks plus the weight of the bikes plus the download from the trailer must not exceed the plated download.


I cannot see how these figures added together can give such a low value.


Despite this thousands of these setups can be found on the road and is fairly certain that no one in authority will aver check this loading.


The only time such a check may be made is after a serious accident.

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