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Italy trip


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Hi everyone


A couple of month ago I asked for advice for the best and quickest route to Venice. I was very grateful for the response I got. I eventually followed Brian Kirby's route from Germany. If you are reading this Brian, my wife (the map reader) is especially grateful for the details you provided for the travel through Austria.


We stayed in Italy a month and spent some ten days travelling back via France. The cost of the Mont Blonc tunnel was a bit of a shocker - 42 euros!


Just a little feed back which might interest you shoppers at Lidle supermarkets. A couple of them would not accept our Nationwide Visa cards (neither debit or credit). No problems with Maestro or Mastercard.


John L (lol)

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Guest JudgeMental
John, I believe Brian is still away traveling in his new van. We had a month in Italy as well, and used most of Brian's route. we went I believe the cheaper routes through Austria/Italy and Italy/Switzerland on the return trip.
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