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sureflo pumps

barrie w

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a call to any of the wise out there.

i continually have troubles with my water pump,after a while of non use the thing refuses to pick up water.

i at one time fitted a nonreturn valve in the pick up hose but still had a problem.

last year i go fed up with it & spent out on a new pump.when fitted it picked up water straight away & has been ok until recently.

usual problem of being able to hear the pump running but no water.

took it out today & removed the valve assembly.

no obvious fault,a bit of sediment about but nothing else. gave the valve diaphrams a rince & a lift.

put it all back in & bingo,water at first attempt.

does anyone know if this is a common problem,do the valves stick?

is there any known remedy?



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Shurflo pumps are very reliable. In over 35 years of vans I have never had one fail (kiss of death surely!).


The usual problem is air in the induction or suction side and often this is simply a loose or ineffective jubilee clip or a slightly loose filter on the suction side.

Suspect hose clips can be cured by cutting off the compressed crimped bit and retightening the clip on a fresh bit of hose.

Loose filter bowls or damaged sealing washer (if fitted) can be more difficult to fix but very often cleaning and re tightening does the trick.

I have only ever had the valves stick open once and that too was easily cured by cleaning.

Maybe the tube in your water tank is loose and flopping about?

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Hi, we have one of these pumps and we do get water through ok, its only 8 months old so should be fine. Our problem is the noise it makes, to be honest it can be embarrassing when we are on a close knit Aire as we are early risers and I can see people glaring at us through steamed windows .


Is there anyway of making them quieter, the pump is in a small box under the table the tank is under one of the seats, problem sounds like it is vibrating against the side of the box and the van side which makes it louder outside too. It has been like this from the beginning and the dealer has had a go at quietening it but to no avail, originally it had a Fiamma but Coxes said there was a problem with it so fitted the Sureflo, I am just wondering if the Fiamma was a smaller pump and therefore would have fitted in the gap without touching the sides.


sorry to diverse slightly


thanks for opinions


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They run virtually silent and I struggle to hear ours 'ticking' sometimes.

But they do need to be mounted properly with the cushioned feet not overtightened and usually they only get noisy when air gets in to the suction side or maybe a bit of grit in the valves.

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Glad to say that we've never experienced problems of water pick-up

However our pump packed-up completely at the weekend and was

replaced with a fiamma, compared to shurflo it's almost silent and seems

to be as good if-not better. the shurflo was noisy as hell and pulsed.

I think the Fiamma is thinner but slightly longer.

Sorry Barrie i've wracked my brain and can't think of why your pump would



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barrie w - 2007-10-16 8:55 PM


thanks folks.

as it's working now i'll cross my fingers & hope.

a very technical solution !


Maybe because the air has been purged from it!

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