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Confession time..


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Please forgive me for being a horrible person, but I am so wound-up by my neighbours I couldn't help it.


It all started a couple of years ago when they moved in and their builders trashed my front garden whilst building an extension to the front of their house, which also blocked light from my front room. I bit my tongue and smiled sweetly.


Then the wind blew my TV ariel off my chimney so I had it reattached to the side of my house. They WROTE and asked me to move it because they could see it from their kitchen window. I didn't.


Then they asked me to move some bits off my shed roof because they could see them out of their (new) conservatory. I didn't.


They have now removed the things from my shed roof (which adjoins their fence) and placed them at the front of my house. I've put them back on my shed roof.


I'm sorry - I'm a bad person, I know.


But I'm also B>>>>>Y ANGRY!! >:-(

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Guest Tracker

Maybe it is time to register this with the local authority as a nuisance before it gets out of hand and/or they do a pre-emptive strike by reporting you first Janine?


Photographic evidence is always handy as is a diary of events.


The other alternative is to knock on their door and very calmly and politely ask to talk things over with a view to preventing all out aggravation.


A diaried refusal is also good evidence should things get out of proportion.

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Dave, I thought you said the son had fixed your webcam.


But there's clearly something wrong with it.......it is located in England, and yet it purports to actually indicate sunshine at the moment.


Must be something wrong with the brightness control........



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Where do I start ....


Pr*t of a neighbour at the back who thinks he owns the place (he's a big cheese in a food product firm). He moved in quite a few years ago and eventually complaints after a few years about the conifers at the rear of our garden - we do keep them cut to a sensible level. As he doesn't like them he actually tried to tell us that he owned the bottom of our garden so he could then chop them down! Even got his pet solicitor on to us, sending us plans from the Land Registry to prove his point. Problem was that we used the plans he'd sent us and enlarged them so they were clearer (lazy so and so couldn't be bothered), and it could clearly be seen that the part of the garden was ours and that where he had built his nice brick wall was also on our garden. Now, as we weren't bothered about the wall, we never objected as it just replaced some fencing that was past it's best anyway. Fired it back at the solicitor who couldn't understand it, so wrote back to us asking for clarification, sent it again and told him to look carefully at the plans that his client had supplied ... no further letters, funny that, they CAN actually read sometimes AND see sense!


Move on to the next instalment, he'd had the builders put a soakaway drain 4ft into our back garden when he'd had the wall built, we found the drain accidentailly one day when trying to plant a shrub and promptly bunged the thing up! Eventually he put in an extra drain but it wasn't in the right place so his garage get a bit soggy when it rains heavily as it drains into it.:D


Sooooooo, he decided it would be a good idea to remove a brick at the bottom of the wall to allow the water off his drive to drain onto our land - I've actually got a video of the 'waterfall' cascading into our garden and flooding it. Still waiting for him to fix the brick back into place. In the meantime he's complained again about the conifers, we are due to cut them again over the Christmas break (can't get into them until the ground is solid and the rest of the shrubs have dropped their leaves etc to get close enough in to chop them) but he's not happy and wants them cutting down to 1.8 metres, tough! Due to the aspect of our garden and the location of the conifers and what they overlook on his property the minimum we can be requested to cut them to is 2.5 metres (there are cases where 2 metres is the minimum but not in our case .. he hasn't bothered to check this out and thinks that every hedge has to be 2 metres. Told him if he wants to get the Council involved (High Hedge Law), we would abide by their decision ... only problem it will cost him about £300 to do so and as he's such a tight ar*e he won't spend it. :$


I think he suffers from SUPS, Stuck-Up Pr*t Syndrome!!! (lol)

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Unfortunately if we so much as breath on the wall he gets very nasty, don't worry though, one day the brick will get fixed back in on our side but will still look like it's not on his .... and I can soon rig the guttering to spill even more water onto his drive and into his garage .... >:-)


If he keep playing up though our nice neighbour at the side has promised to give him a taste of his own medicine as the pr*t has built some fencing our our nice neighbour's land as well and he's quite prepared to make him move it if needs be. No one likes him, he's just a nasty jumped up little *"%*~@~#*SUP >:-)

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One has to be careful about complaining about a neighbour officially.


If you ever want to sell your house at a future date, you'll have to declare the dispute and that could afffect the sale.


It's all a bit of a worry....I've got to lay down!

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OK. Day 2 and I can't decide whether I am getting more stressed about how the neighbours will react to my stance on this or by what they did in the first place.


I now have realised that a small, high window in my lounge is in their direct eye-line when they are relaxing in their consertvatory.


Suggestions please as to what I should put in this window.


A 'mooning' Santa?


A large pair of V-shaped digits?


Come on, you guys - you can do better, I'm sure :D

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Bazza454 - 2007-12-11 1:02 PM


How about a CCTV camera, that should really pi55 them off.


To be serious for just a moment (yes it does happen sometimes) this is not a good idea. Even if its a dummy camera but looks like a real one it is a total invasion of their privacy. If you install CCTV that can see other peoples property or publicly accessible land then you need to put up warning notices too.


Why not just approach them directly but politely and try to resolve these issues in an adult and friendly way? They have no legal right to ask you to remove anything from the top of your shed just because they can see it. Likewise they have no legal right to ask you to remove the TV aerial unless it causes a physical obstruction to them.


Our next door neighbour gets very uppity about people parking outside her house, despite the fact she doesn't have a car or a driveway. She feels it is her right for the space outside her house to be kept clear so her daughter has somewhere to park when she visits. I've tried several times to explain to her she has no legal rights in this respect but if anyone dares to park outside her house she's out there asking them to move on before they've switched the engine off.


However you do deal with this awkward neighbour Janine I strongly suggest you make sure all your actions are legal and above board.



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sorry but the cctv idea really made me chuckle. How evil are you. But as Dave says I think you could be setting yourself up for a fall.


one of the pleasing things of having a motorhome is escaping neighbours. We are fortunate whereby ours feed the cat and such but on the otherside I have the neighbour from hell. The bestthing I do which really pisses her off is everytime I see her I say "Morning Chris how are you today" to which she never replies. I always smile at her too. This I believe annoys her even more than being nasty to her.

It all stems from when I parked my car on a corner of the grove between our two houses. Mainly for ease of access having two cars etc. She never asked me to stop parking there but just launched in to a tirade of abuse about me parking there,So being a good neighbour stoppec parking my car there.

Beliving she now owned the whole grove and would park anywhere in the turning circle despite having her own driveway, my son aged 5 was riding his bike around the grove. Whereby he crashed in to her brand new car. At this point she hauled him of his bike slapped him and dragged him around to me to tell me what a bad dad I was, and to top it all I even leave my wheelie bin out after the bin men have gone. My only answer was that if she would of not insisted on me parking my car their it would of been my car and not hers.

My o My from that day on it's all got really nasty but we never allow ourselves to sink to their level. They hate our motorhome being parked on our drive,despite us spending 1000s on a new driveway to accomadate our van and cars. They grow all sorts of plants over our fence, they refuse to take a parcel for us, never send us a christmas card, and worst of all when the children's footballs etc go over thier garden they put a fork in it.

But still every time i see her I smile politely and say hello, and boy she hates it.


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