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It makes you feel old when....


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John H - 2007-12-10 8:01 PM


Went to see The Blues Band the other night and Paul Jones didn't look much different to when he was with Manfred Mann. We were sitting quite close to the back of the theatre though.






He looks pretty much the same as ever - 'picture of Dorian Gray' somewhere in his attack - like that guy in the Hollies who only ever looked about 14, Joe Brown doesn't look much different either


of course - I'm still only about 26 :D :D :D :D :D :D


but me granny told me about them :D :D



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One buys a 2-berth motorhome. No offence to anyone he adds, hastily, but that's what it feels like at the dealers and on site. I'll have had the van 6 months tomorrow and stayed away 40 nights in it so far. Everyone we have met with 2 berth vans have been 10-20 years older than me and I'm retired. Logically of course it makes sense 'cos famillies need bigger vans but as I said, it does make me feel old!



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