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Lax of power


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Sorry about mentioning remapping, I was not aware that nonturbos could not be done. My M/H is only a 1.9 TD, but I can certainly tell when the turbo is providing the extra power needed for the long climbs etc.


Last year my front exhaust pipe failed on my Ducato and a replacement was not available even from Italy. I was told about TB Turbo and contacted them, they were very helpful and I went for a day out in Lancaster while they made a complete exhaust ( in Stainless Steel ) and fitted it. They have facilities for you to park in their compund overnight and provide EHU if you want it.


Very nice people to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They specialise in motorhomes and seem to have all the necessary equipment to handle quite big units.



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Great forum - I was just about to ask about chipping my engine when I get all this knowledge coming through to me - thanks Twooks! As suggested, we rang Turbobooster and they couldn't have been more helpful - they're sending all their info and I'll let you know how I get on.


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I dont know how mechanically minded you are but here goes. When had you your timing belt changed? Check to see if the fuel pump cable is loose. It is on top of the fuel pump. Get somene to rev up the mororhome and check there is a good blast out the back of the exhaust and what colour. By the way was the motorhome always down on power or only since you went down through France / Spain. You should not need to change your motor as they are quite good at pulling when tuned properly.

If you want any more on above I can give you all the help you need.



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