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How's This For A Clock


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J9withdogs - 2007-12-18 10:29 PM


Frank Spencer - 2007-12-18 10:11 PM


J9withdogs - 2007-12-18 7:44 PM


Nice one, Dean :D

Whaaat....has Dean been showing you his then J9. :D


Yes, Peter, are you jealous?

No I'm not jealous, but I didn't show any concern one way or the other. It was Frankie that made the comment. Keep up J9. :D
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enodreven - 2007-12-19 9:23 AM



Why do relatively straightforward threads denigrate into some insane banter.


Surely if you want to start a thread on something else please feel free but stop keep trying to change a thread that has already started




We heard you the first time. In your stroke thread. Don't over egg it. Another thing, don't tell us what to do, or else

We'll set J9 on to you. She hasn't made a human sacrifice for a while and needs to keep in with her coven.

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