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Bernie Frankia


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No but my aunty might she live there right on the main road .

We could alway meets at the four lanes redruth but me uncle might .


And the mother in law gets around to Fred she probably does painting at St Ives art galery with Alice :D Lets face it fred you and me me ansum will ahve to wait :D

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Hiya folks - I'm back.


Just got back from Tenerife tonight. We moved house at the end of October and had quite a bit of "fun" getting the broadband back on so have only had limited time on line lately. Hope to get a bit of time in before we head of to Portugal, for the rest of the winter, after the new year.


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Morning Bernie,


Firstly enjoy your new home and your holiday Merry Christmas and a happy new year all the best .


Bernie If you wouldn't mind we need to reset the 12v Javelin Pace Box.

You once gave us a good to go technique for the house.

Removing the card cutting the power turn on holding the power back up button . This does not not seem to work with the 12v box so we can't reset the menu or the free to air channels so at present we can only get central instead of ITV london we have no channel 4 or 5 .

We don't want to phone sky /Or do we have to ? don't want to wait 4 days for them to send a signal to the box

Can you help .


Thank you.

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Hi Michele


That is the only way to update the software for the box if it hasn't received the download normally. Sky download new software from time to time and as long as the box is powered up and connected to a dish that is pointed at Astra 2 it will update even if it is in standby mode. The problem occurs with boxes that are only used in the 'van and happen to be parked up and powered off when the downloads are sent.


If you are not getting Ch4 and 5 do you have a sky viewing card in? If not you won't receive them. If you have a viewing card in then leave the box switched on for a while with the card in place and the dish on Astra 2 - sometimes they come back to life without intervention from Sky but this can on occasion take a couple of days.


Enjoy your hols.



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We had a similar problem and contacted the installer. This was his advice:-

With the Sky card in and satelite dish locked on switch off digi box, press and hold backup switch on box at same time switch digibox back on. All the lights come on, wait until lights go out then after a short time start as you would do to get a picture.

It has worked for us and I now do it periodically as ours is under cover and can not leave dish up.

Hope this helps.


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