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Paul Potts- Opera singer ?


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Having watched the T.V. show last night on the rise to fame of Paul Potts and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was amazed and angered by the bitter comments of these so called opera critics, do they think the great /late Pavorote started off with a voice that eventualy made him famous. I think that opera critics with these views do a great diservice to the promotion of making it more popular amongst the public. Paul Potts will go on to become on of this countrys great singers, and it could not happen to a more nicer chap.
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Interestingly there are similarities between Paul Potts and Pavarotti, before he was discovered, Pavarotti was an insurance salesman.


Paul Potts was a mobile phone salesman.


Like most, I am sure, I seethed at the patronising claptrap issued by that chinless wonder the "Opera critic".


I think it is fair to say that watching Paul Potts, there were moments when his voice was a little "wobbly". But for goodness sake!


The guy has had an awful run of bad luck and very little training.


Let's just sit back and enjoy seeing him develop over the next few years!


As for so called critics - I long since gave up reading their drivel when most of the films I saw, books I read, music I listened too were panned by them.


IMO - Critics are so full of **it their eyes are brown.


Ignore them, let's use our own judgement.


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