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Had an interesting call from Florida on Sat. Telling me I had won this wonderful trip to Florida, inlcuding visits to Disneyland, Universal Studios, staying in the Hilton Hotel, all paid for.

Caller knew my full postal address, fact I am retired, that I had been to a rally in USA, where I am supposed to have completed this form, so winning the competition.

I had no recollection of entering any competition, so became suspicious. Allowed caller to extol the wonders of Florida, telling him I was going to be over there in June next year anyway.

He then went on to tell me that I all needed to do was give them my credit cad numbers, as confirmation that I was who he thought I was.

I told him I can verify that I am the person he was talking to, so as he had all these details, he must have my card details as well !

He became a littel agitated, and said I could not qualify if I did not give the card numbers. And if I declined, the offer wojld be given to the next person on the list. How many winners can win first prize ?

I wished the next winner well, and bid farewell.

What I was concerned about was the amount of information he had about me.

So, run a GOOGLE search using your name.

Mine came up several times, giving out details of my business & hobbies.

From that information, my phone number was disclosed.

GOOGLE the number, and it will tell who it is allocated to, and address.

So, big brother has truly arrived, just a little bit late after 1984 !


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Just tried the "google yourself" thing - amazed how many Tony Joneses there are, even if I narrow it down to "UK sites" and add "+baptist" !!


I seem to be involved in churches all over the country, and have apparently written several books I've never heard of!


The things I do in my sleep ...

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Afraid Afraid .

I am so pissed off its unbelievable I have never signed anything that says that they have the right to sell on my details not only that but the people who bought our last house are into Fraud Great .


Also having vunrable children in the house what happens when they reach 18 if they are selling this from the electoral role then i will go nuts with them .



Lets get a mortgage in your name

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