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Seat swivel


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A GOOGLE-search retrieves several possible suppliers. Here are a couple more:






The design and construction of seat-swivels vary and the FASP product is probably the best. Presumably you want the swivel to fit the standard Ford seat (some FASP swivels are specifically intended to fit FASP seats) and you'll obviously need to confirm left- or right-handedness. The Year 2000-onwards Transit seat-box is high to begin with and adding a swivel makes matters worse. Personally, at 5' 6" height, I can't safely drive a Mk 6/7 Transit if it has a driver's-seat swivel. Installing a swivel on the passenger side means that anyone tall sitting there will never need the sun visor! It's normal for Mk 6/7 vehicle-batteries to live beneath the driver's-seat and commonplace for the leisure-battery to be beneath the passenger-seat, so adding a swivel may well complicate battery maintenance.


As far as I'm aware the seat-boxes and seat-bases are identical for all 2000-onwards Transits, but it might be wise to double-check this with Roy Wood Transits as they'll know for sure and have extensive practical experience of fitting swivels to Transit seats.



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Good reply from Derek. I have a 2007 Transit with FASP swivels fitted as standard and find the seats are high, though not as high as my previous Peugeot Boxer. Swivels raise the seat about 3 cm. I had a quick look at a Hymer C class (I think it was the Hymer Van) at the NEC and seem to remember their swivels are built into the seat box, thus keeping the original height. Perhaps someone with a Hymer Van can comment.
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