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to book a ferry or not.


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You can do this but there are a couple of problems.


1. You just may not get on the ferry in busy times and you will have to hang about at that dump Dover.


2. You wont get the best price.


What I do is book a single, last minute via Ferry Saver and then clear off. I dont like being tied to a set time or ferry so on the return I just book as and when, this works for us and is reasonably flexible.



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Hi, Just booked for next years ferrys with sea france, £ 192 for 3 returns

at anytime exept certain peak periods. just turn up and they garrantee to get you on one of the next two crossings, early this year we had to come home early on tunnel, £70 extra it cost, for us this is what we had been looking for, obvious it wont suit some.

Regards :->

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Tomo3090 - 2007-12-20 7:55 PM


You could try the C&CC or Caravan Club booking services as they sometimes have decent offers on, if you are in them of course!


well thanks for all the replies, I actually bit the bullet and booked.

Going with Sea france. £105 return. Caravan club £115 return (same ferry) and p and o £178 same ferry. Norfolk line £290 yep a whapping £290.


What's going on with ferry prices? Earlier in the year I paid £70 at Whit week and in the sumer hols only £79 with Sea france?


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