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Act naturally


Happily married


Microsoft Works


Holy war


Found missing


Resident alien


Minor Catastrophe


Affordable housing


Near miss


Great depression


Canadian army


Phone sex


United nations


Advanced BASIC


Genuine imitation


Death benefits


Airline Food


Women's rights


Good grief


Same difference


Almost exactly


Sensitive man


Government organization


Everything except


Civil War


Good kid


Sanitary landfill


Alone together


Legally drunk


Silent scream


British fashion


Living dead


Small crowd


Business ethics


Soft rock


Butt Head


Military Intelligence


Software documentation


New York culture


New classic


Sweet sorrow




"Now, then"


Synthetic natural gas


Christian Scientists


Passive aggressive


Taped live


Clearly misunderstood


Peace force


Extinct Life


Temporary tax increase


New and improved


Computer jock


Plastic glasses


Terribly pleased


Computer security


Political science


Tight slacks


Definite maybe


Pretty ugly


Twelve-ounce pound cake


Diet ice cream


Rap music


Working vacation


Exact estimate


Religious tolerance


Freezer Burn


Honest Politician


Jumbo Shrimp


Loners Club


Postal Service


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Guest Tracker
J9withdogs - 2007-12-22 1:40 PM


You've all missed the most obvious one:




Girl Power?


Woman's Lib?


Feminine Charm?


Super Model?

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