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Which Side is the Fuel Filler Cap?


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Here's a little gem of information.....a well-kept secret within the motor industry.




'Tis my Christmas gift to all my fwends hereabouts.............







How can you instantly tell on which side of any car the fuel filler cap is?

Your own car?

A borrowed car?

A hire car?


Well from now on, you'll always know, without having to strain your neck looking out the drivers window or trying to spot it in your wing mirrors as you drive up to a filling station.


Here's how...........and the answer is always actually staring you right in the face.





Just look at the instrument panel.

On every car there's a little icon of a petrol pump.

If the handle of the pump is on the left, the fuel filler cap on that car is on the left.

If the handle of the pump is on the right, the fuel cap will be on the right side of that car.


Simple eh?





Try it.

It always works, 'cos the manufacturers all agreed about 20 years ago to run with this principle to help drivers........but nobody actually tells the drivers!


Merry Crimble.







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