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Such A gentleman is our Le Thou


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Go to Hell Michelle.......I offered you an apology and did say have your say lets get it over with and I then wished you the seasons greetings and have a nice holiday and you say apologies properly??.............I don care whether you stick this on a thread or not .....go f**k yourself you stupid pr*k, what the hells wrong with you.

You have a serious attitude problem. Piss off


No you never it was pure sarcasim you even made fun of the fact that I Pm'd you and tried to see what was wrong .


Now they really can see what your like.

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Dean this is him in a private message to me.


J9 i have let it go I'm not spoiling my holiday or Christmas I'm not getting excited about anything I am currently having Champagne and enjoying myself . I opened my Pm's and this is what I found .

I have let it go seems like he aint. :D

Apart from that do you think that this is exceptable behaviour ?

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