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Reversing Cameras - Its my birthday!

Paul M

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Hi All


Her in doors, has said that I should have a reversing camera for my birthday! She also states that I need the following. Be able to see downwards and to able to see bollards etc and left and right "wide angle"


Now my questions, our Rapido 7087F is supposed to be already wired for a camera!(How do I find where the cables are? Do I need a wired or "wireless" colour or B & W. We also carry two mountain bikes on a carrier, do we need camera to look over the bikes?


What camera would you suggest/reccommend and a rough costing.


I know some of you will sort my birthday present out for me, thanks to you all.


Paul and Ann


Hapiness is no white bits!

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Hi Paul (thanks John :D ) first off a wireless camera is a waste of time IMHO on a motorhome as you still need to run a power feed to the camera. As for where the rapido wiring is located try asking either your supplying dealer or rapido themselves. If you wish to use the inbuilt wiring you'll need to know what brand of camera system the wiring was intended to be used with. Before anyone else jumps in to say the wiring can be used with any system, you just need adapters, I know that but you need to know what you're doing to make up the adapters, they are not an off the shelf item!


My personal recomendation would be a decent brand name system (Waeco or Camos for example) with a heated, colour camera with sound and a 5" LCD monitor. These are not cheap brands but I do believe you get what you pay for.


Happy Christmas (and birthday) to you, D.

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