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If you don't get feedback on this matter here (It's a fairly specialised requirement) then you might try visiting the MotorHomeFacts forums on www.motorhomefacts.com as these include specific sections relating to motorhome insurance and extended-duration (full-timing) motorhome usage. A glance through the MHF full-timing forum suggests that Comfort Insurance may be able to meet your needs:



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thecooks - 2007-12-25 3:19 PM


If you intend living in your motohome for possibly longer than 1 year out of the country how do you manage with vehicle insurance ? suggestions please, companies that offer longer than 1 year cover, how do others manage .

Many thanks




A great deal of info on full timing can be found at http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/80/136/


Safe travelling,



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this seems to be a contentious issue...you need to have a permanent uk ...address ..or so i was informed...so our idea of renting our house out for the 12mths we wanted to be away was kaiboshed!!


as we needed to have some regular income to partly fund the 1 year trip (topping up our savings we had accumulated ) we reluctantly abandoned the idea and instead did a 3mth winter trip to spain/portugal and a 2 mth late summer /autumn sojourn to france/germany/belgium with a month away on a plane holiday.


this keeps us within the 183 day limit on our personal insurance policy


a compromise certainly ...but better than nothing


the site recommended by don is fantastic...have only managed a quick look but will be browsing tomorrow for sure


kind regards





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Yes Berti i agree very contensious

but we may have solved the problem, we will also be renting out our property,but it will be kept in our names,mail will be forwarded on by family who live close by, Saga at a price will give us van insurance, Endsleigh will insure both of us,our scooter will be insured as normal ie: only on holiday. so sorted

Kind regards

The Cooks

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Our solution is to "rent" a room with a family member, so as to have a UK address. Change our driving licences and passports to this address, then insure the van accordingly. All our mail will be secure and we have an address for legal and financial purposes. It will also allow us to remain registered with our GP so that when we come home, which we will regularly we are covered on our EHIC cards.


For those that don't know if you are out of the UK for more than 6 months you may not qualify for free NHS treatment anymore, (by that I mean non-emergency treatment), even if you keep your UK citizenship. So keep your ferry tickets as proof of your return trips!

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