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I'm putting together the annual MMM feature on taking your motorhome abroad, and I'm after some readers' experiences. If you've taken your motorhome from mainland Britain and you'd like to pass some tips on to fellow readers, can you get in touch please? You don't have to have gone to mainland Europe by the way; that's what I want to focus on, but other destinations such as the Channel Islands, Ireland and Isles of Man/Wight are suitable too.


I can tell you're already foaming at the mouth with excitement, but steady on before you dive in! What I'll need is some info on which ferry service you used, where you stayed and how you put everything together. I'll also need approximate costs, a picture of you/your family (preferably on holiday) and what I'd really like is an anecdote or two from readers who have used the services of one of the many companies that exist to book everything for you, even doing guided trips if necessary.


As I write this it's 29 December 2007; if you'd like to be included I'll need to hear from you by 10 January 2008 at the latest. If you'd like to be included, please drop an email to me (mail@richarddredge.com) and we can then take it from there.


Many thanks and happy new year to all!


Richard Dredge

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