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Whats the daftes thing you have done in 2007.

Hymer C 9.

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Driving 300 miles from home before realising that I had forgotten my fishing reels, driving 50 miles to buy a new one and then realising that instead of putting them in my fishing bag (or leaving them at home) I had put them under the front seat!


Never mind I do have a nice new reel now - first one for over 25 years!


Senior moments eh! Don't yer just luv 'em!

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It was probably the cost of the wedding that did it Janine! ;-)


Or was it that you found he was skint and backed out seeing as he wasn't a Sugar Daddy? Now come on, own up, you know we know you by now ... :D


Of course, by Sugar Daddy, I really mean in your case Chocolate Daddy! (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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