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Leisure Battery


Leisure Battery  

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It used to be under the driver seat hang on will look at the floor plan for you.

Well not exactly a good floor plan your guess is as good as mine.

maybe in your garage covered by a access panel not in a drop down well.

Sorry but it must be really tucked away if you can't find it other than under the drivers seat thats all I can think of.


Yes very happy with ours but more the lay out than anything else got good looks IMO and style heater and silly bit leave alot to the imagination otherwise very happy.


Good luck sorry cant help more.

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There are not too many places in a motorhome where one might anticipate finding a leisure battery, especially a large 110Ah one like the E769's. Possibilities are:


1. Within the vehicle's engine compartment.

2. Beneath a cab-seat.

3. Within an under-seat base.

4. Within a cupboard.

5. Beneath bed.

6. Within an external locker.

7. Within an under-floor compartment.


As the E769 has an Al-Ko chassis, it would be logical for the battery to be housed in an under-floor compartment. If this is the case, expect to find a hatch (or plastic 'lid') in the floor that can be raised to reach the battery. I assume you've lifted the removable floor-carpet and found nothing, so I'd start by checking for a hatch/lid in the under-seat bases at the front of the motorhome's living area and, if there's nothing apparent there, work backwards towards the vehicle's rear. Wherever the battery is, it's got to be somewhere reasonably accessible. Even Swift Group wouldn't install a battery where it's impossible to get at without first dismantling a large part of the motorhome. Well, probably not!


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