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Guess weight competition


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For those of you who dare, why not post a photo for honest estimates by other Forum members


Rules are:


Recent photo must be used


As many or as little clothing as you like


Can be a picture from the front, top, side or back with or without a face but no macro photographs


This is one of my better pictures


Good luck!







I did not see the slimming thread until after I posted this one










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The Icelander-Rob and Icelander-Amy thingy is is all getting very confusing now that you are both becoming regular inmates.


Suggestion: one of you register separately with a different monicker, then all at the MMM Towers Home for the Dazed and Confused (Secure Wing) will have a fighting chance of being able to separate you.


:-D :-D :-D

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I hate to say this and no offence Rob, but I prefer the view of the river..... and why would the girlies know where the bench is? Are you saying we frequent them? I don't even recall the last time i sat on a park bench, let alone drank enough alcohol to pass out on one... let alone drank enough alcohol to pass out..... :D
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Sparkle your post shocked me

I always prefer your picture to anyone else`s (including that J9 and Michele) or landscape pictures

I`m over it now though. Done a lot of thinking while being offline. Decided to turn my life around. Fresh start. Well tomorrow is another day

The bench - just wondered if any girls passed this bench by and seen me begging. Girls are usually more generous than the men

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OK this is very embarrassing. Oh really do I have to? I will be picked on now by all the Charles Atlas look -a-likes on this forum I know. However I will be brave


Janine I believe you are the winner. You might have been peeping. I weigh 10 stone wearing only my socks and a frown.


It is someone else’s turn now to post a picture. Some brave lad perhaps with a nice bod. Don’t be shy



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