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what things please you?


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We have the miserable, moaning, whinging, whining, complaining thread of: what things annoy you


How about the good things in life that please you?


For me it is washing up, cleaning, laundry washing and drying, ironing, shopping, gardening, learning, tidying, dusting, hoovering, visiting mother in law, flower arranging, cleaning windows, polishing shoes, folding carrier bags up so I can get more in the drawer, keeping the hedge cut at exactly the right height, cleaning toilets, checking waste bins for any goodies, recycling tins bottles foil paper cardboard etc








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Guest Tracker

For me it is not having to wash up and clean etc., not having a hedge that needs to be cut level, not caring about how our carrier bag full of carrier bags looks and definitely not giving a hoot about recycling.


For me simple things like being with the one I love, natural things like beaches, mountains, rivers, peace and quiet, good company, free parking.


We love long distance driving and exploring - and not flying.


Motor caravanning - and not hotels.


Impromptu picnics or fish and chips - and not poncey food at poncey prices.



Dewdrops on noses and muddy pawed Rosie,

Fingers on mittens, and warm woolly kittens,

These are a few of our favourite things.

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1. Looking out of my study window on a cold but bright morning like today, and knowing that in a few minutes I'll have finished my "inside" work and can get out there to walk round the town and see a few people.


2. At the end of the service yesterday, being interrupted for a surprise presentation of a card, book token and enormous, specially-made cake, in recognition of ten years as minister of this church. Fortunately everyone then stayed on to help us eat the cake, as we'vestill got half a Christmas cake at home to plough through! We both felt so loved and supported.


3. Nearly forgot, loggin on and seeing a thread with a title like this one! thanks Icelander.

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Opening my eyes first thing in the Morning and seeing my loverly wife,

The views from our windows of the surrounding Countryside (Gosh were Lucky) Meeting the Friendly people of the Village who all say Hello.

Having a Motorhome Parked ready to take us off to New places, and Having such wonderful People you can spend some time with and all of whom would give you the Best Friendly advice on offer, Here on these Forums . :$ I may sound Sad but its true. :-> Corky

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Knowing that we are a step closer to Adoption and soon the girls will be ours . I only hope that it is in time to save the life of the little one who sadly is in residential becuase of her health long story.


Knowing that we have been blessed with good health so far

Anything else is a bonus because without our health we aint got jack.

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Ann, my wife,


Holly, my dog,


My family and friends


My van,


My guitars,


And life in general. There are sh***y things but I have learnt that they are not worth an emotion for longer than 5 seconds, then I see numbers 1-5 and everything in the World's all right again!

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Going out 1st thing in the morning and whistling the blackbirds to come and get their breakfast of sultanas there are 4, 2male and 2 female and they run around my feet waiting for food thats something you don't see everyday and puts a smile on my facehttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gifhttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gifhttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gifhttp://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_lol.gif
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JudgeMental - 2008-01-07 3:57 PM


Beautiful, happy women with large natural breasts........ *-)


Well..... you did ask


I do qualify for some of that ... I'll let you lot decide which bit is applicable ! :D



davenewell@home - 2008-01-07 7:52 PM


Watching the buzzards soaring overhead near my workshop. I've even seen one sitting on top of a lamp post at the road side, a truly spectacular sight.




Careful Dave, I think you might be taking it too far with the diet! (lol)



Just a few of the little things that please me:


My dogs - Midge greats me with a lovely big grin on his face and Romy gives me a great big slobbering welcome!

Being out in the 'van and seeing a lovely sunset over the sea.

Sitting down to a lovely tea cooked by my hubby.

Getting a cup of tea from my hubby without even asking for one - he knows me too well!

Reading some of Michele's posts which send me into stitches!!!!



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1. The connection I have with Bruce that means we don't need to actually talk to communicate things.

2. The fact that he loves me regardless of my scatty mind and untidyness.

3. Our dogs unconditional love - the way he snuggles up to me on the sofa (Mutley not Bruce! :-D ).... even tho he may have hidden some treat down the back of the cushion hoping it'll decay there before I find it.

4. Living in this wonderful country of Spain, waking up to sunshine and blue skies and reality hitting every time that we actually live here.


Oh... and cheese!


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Sparkle - 2008-01-07 11:20 PM


1. The connection I have with Bruce that means we don't need to actually talk to communicate things.



You mean the internet?


Seriously though, I know what you really mean. Liz & I have the same - we're very different personalities, but often come up with the same ideas. And when we don't, we can usually know what the other is thinking. But then, we've been married for 35 years - and it still keeps getting better!



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OK. Apart from number one, the others listed here are in no particular order:





Spanish climate.


Spanish lifestyle.


Baileys. (Especailly the Mint Choc)


Good sex. (Is there bad sex?)


Riding motorbikes.


Playing my Live Music Show to big party audiences.


Exploring the country in "Martin" our old-dog motorhome.


Having got off the corporate "hamster-wheel" early enough to enjoy the second half of my life as a free man.


Good health.


Personal freedoms.




Personal safety.


Smoking. (Yep. Deal with it, you PC Nanny-State brigade)




Good food.


Semi-sec Cava wines.






Intelligent comedy and wit.












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As with Bruce, no particular order after the first two


Andrea, my lovely wife


My Mother & her continuing good health


Our rescue cats


Our good health




My work, which is more of a vocation than a job


Cask ales/fine wine


Our gardens


Inspector Morse re runs




The freedom to do what we want when we want


Yorkshire Dales


Good weather (No danger of that then...)


The respect of my colleagues


Cosy Italian restaurants






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How about coming home on a very cold, wet and windy evening, after a tiring day, to be greeted with a kiss and


"Hurry and wash your hands love, your meal will be on the table in two minutes"


Ahhhhhh bless that lovely woman, I absolutely worship her.

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