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This may be of use. The magazine "Computer Active" has an article about "How to customise your sat-nav" in the latest issue no. 258. Have a look in your friendly newsagent before buying to see if it is for you!


They also suggest keeping an eye out for their "Ultimate Guide to Sat Nav" which will be published at the end of next month, i.e. February. It will include 100 pages of in-depth, stet-by-step instructions for a range of models. Their publications are usually very good. Also look at their website www.computeractive.co.uk.


By the way - we don't have shares in Computer Active's publishers, but we do have a subscription!




P.S. How do we make the website highlighted so you can make an automatic link? We did it once but can't seem to do it any more.

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To make a link -


put mouse pointer on any part of the web address and click once. This will highlight the line.

now hold down the Ctrl key and press c (short cut for copy).


go back to the post, position your pointer where you want to add the address then hold down Ctrl and press v (short cut for paste).



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