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warranty on base of "new" van


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Euramobil 622SB ford base..........


finally, my warranty has been sorted out on the van i got march07 (new 07 plate). It was an unregistered 06 showroom model, they tried to sell it cheaper, didnt sell it, then made it cheaper, then i bought it. (knowing the full facts on the van, and getting it at a price that reflects these facts)


The base ford transit was build and sold start of 05, which euramobil would have built and had in a dealers showroom from launch sep05 till sep 06. So, this would mean a german ford warranty would be out of date 2 years after euramobil bought it.


Obviously, the warranty starts from when the end user buys it, and it took a lot of calls and letters till finally they sorted out the dates on the computer.


I dont know whos fault it was in the end........dealer, euramobil, ford.


All i would say to everyone with a base van thats meant to be in warranty, i would go to the makers showroom with the VIN plate number and get them to check the date on their system. It should be from when you purchased and registered it, not from when the maker bought it. *-)


Even one bought to spec will have a base van a few months old

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Had similar experience with Fiat based Kontiki, (02 model) which was out of Fiat warrenty by the time it was sold "as new" to me.


To Fiat's credit, or as they should have, depending upon your view, Re-warrented (if thats a word) from the day I purchased the M/home.


Although there was a bit of a fight about the Vehicle battery dying about 2 months after I had the vehicle, Dealer said it was Fiat, Fiat said it was Swift, Swift said was the dealer's problem.


I made Bl**dy sure it was not my problem.. ;-)



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There is a related, important issue - the date the first annual service is due. When you register a foreign make of van with a UK service agent, I recommend you ask them to check their computer system. My 'van was delivered new to me in mid June 07 but the Renault dealer said if I don't arrange the first service by 14th April 2008 it could affect the vehicle warranty as I would not have kept to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. I was told the original PDI and service check was recorded in Germany in April 2007 and that determines the date of supply for warranty purposes.



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When i booked into our local Fiat dealer's (Platts) in Stoke-On-Trent for recall work last november, they informed me that although the vehicle was first registered 01-03-07 that the actual start date for the Fiat warranty was in fact 12-12-06.


They asked for a photocopy of the registration document & to leave it with them, they would sort it out for me.


I called today to book our first annual service for the end of next month & am pleased to say that they had done as they said they would, warranty start date is now ammended to 01-03-07 on the Fiat computer system.


It's nice touches such as this that keep me going back, well done Platts.



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