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My friend has a Mercedez Sprinter Crew Cab. Basically its a Merc pick up truck which backs into the "camper" part and tows it. It is factory built and has no modifications. We live in N Ireland and for 6 months my friend has tried unsucessfully to get insurance for it. No one here or on the UK mainland or in the south of Ireland (Eire) will insure him to drive it. He's 44, holds a full UK/N. Ireland driving licence and an HGV licence. So he's no novice! Can anyone suggest how to go about getting insurance for it. He bought it last August and so far hasn;t been able to use it once because of this problem. Thank you. Bodie. :-(
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Are you saying he can't insure the Merc, or cant insure the whole rig with the trailer coupled? 

If the former, what is causing the problem? 

If the latter, this sounds like a "fifth wheel" trailer. 

Has he been looking for fifth wheel caravan insurance.  There are quite a few around, though not that many, so there is clearly insurance available for them. 

The seller should have some idea of who offers suitable insurance. 

If the assembled rig is uninsurable, is it because the crew cab Merc is not suitable for this kind of use?  The usual front end for fifth wheelers seems to be a 4x4 pick up type vehicle. 

Did the dealer give advice on suitable tow vehicles, or did your friend already own the fifth wheeler and buy the Merc later on? 

If the dealer sold it as suitable to tow behind the Merc, and he can't find an insurer for the rig, your friend may need to explore possibility the trailer was mis-sold.

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